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Milk and Cookies
Tuesday - 5-14-21

Monday was a lazy day, walking about a bit, window shopping, taking in the sounds and the sites of the city. Tuesday a bit of the same - then cooking some chicken for dinner at the hostel.

The second Tuesday evening of the month was set for Milk and Cookies, the storytelling gathering in Dublin. I had contacted the coordinator, Danny to check on the place and protocols. The meeting was set to start at 7pm. I set out to be there a little early, just to make sure. I walked, and turned up the street I knew the venue, The Chocolate Factory to be on, but saw nothing for the whole block. Searched and asked a few folks, no one seemed to know. Finally a store owner said, "You're the second person who asked that. The Chocolate Factory doesn't exist anymore. Used to be in the middle of that block back there (poining in the direction from which I had come)."

Backtracking now, I saw a group of folks standing around a doorway. I recognized Irish storyteller Richard Marsh from his picture on the Internet. It seems that their venue is undergoing some construction and they are waiting to see if they will go somewhere else to regroup. I meet some of the other members and tellers, including Catherine Brophy, another well-known Irish teller. They finally decide on a hotel pub back in the Temple Bar district.

The Dance General - AZ Rep Live Storytelling

We settle in and Danny asks me to begin. No problem says I. The "loose" theme for the night is "famous people." I have worked with a few famous people in my career in the theatre, two of which were Jane Powell and Patsy Kelly when I did Irene. That show was the inspiration for the story of "The Dance General" which seemed to be well recieved by the group. (a video of this story done at an AZ Republic night at right)

Other folks told some stories, including a couple of Irish historical stories. Catherine Brophy told us she is working on a series of "When I was a Little Girl" stories and told one for us. It was well-crafted, and masterfully told with great images and universal themes, like brainstorming excuses when you know you are going to get in trouble. I really related to that!

It was a fun evening, and they have asked me to return on the night before I fly home and be the featured teller. Quite an honor! I return to the hostel on another cold and rainy night having made some new friends and feeling quite good about my own telling.

©Mark Goldman 2013

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