12/5/2012 - It's Elementary
Each week, I work with Nan Wilkinson’s 5th & 6th grade class at Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center – Phoenix, AZ

Silence is Golden
This morning, with the 5th & 6th graders, I used The Astounding Adjective Name Game from 101 Games that teach Storytelling Skills, by Anthony & Mike Burcher. It’s a variant of a game I have played before, but the addition of the “adjective” focuses on language skills. Most of the kids came up with great words, and even said their name with a movement to match, like raising their arm in the air in a triumphant statement. When we came to Szava, he didn’t have a word. He was looking in the dictionary, trying to find one he liked. I asked him to call on other students who might have suggestions. He shot down, “stupendous”, “super”, and “silly”. Then someone suggested, “silent.” He said he liked that one, and I asked him to use it. He raised his arm in the air in a triumphant statement…and was silent!

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