My training and experience as an acting coach, stage director, therapist, and mediator make me uniquely suited for coaching storytellers.
I will not "tell" you what to do. Rather, I will engage you in a dialogue that will assist you in finding the right storypath for you.

Coaching can be done in person, over the phone or ONLINE with a webcam.

Comments from clients:
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for seeing what I could not.  I would never have known what this story was about without your guidance, your gentle questioning and coaching. I will continue to work on the story and its deeper wealth of healing and understanding.
Mark is a brilliant teacher and caters to the student's needs.
The coaching that you offered me was superb, and I feel that I am on the way to raising my storytelling to another level. You guided me to discover and experience for myself many improvements that will enhance my telling, and you gave me excellent suggestions for further work and practice to achieve them. I look forward to meeting the challenge that you set before me. 
You brought back to me the excitement of storytelling! You gave me so much in so little time.
Your specific tips effectively prodded us to delve deeper into our stories and to bring that depth into the telling. Your coaching process avoids heavy-handed "oughts" and probes each teller to embrace their own style and to expand upon their own specific skills and nuances.
If I am a better teller, it will be because you have had a part in it…an experience that gave me insight to my role as a teller, what potential I have and how I can achieve and gain satisfaction in my performance.
What a wealth of information and encouragement you were today.
What a blessing to meet up with you. My Husband came away thrilled with the idea of telling stories; he was still talking about it this morning!
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