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I currently teach The Art of Storytelling at Glendale Community College, coach other tellers, perform at various venues around the Valley, and ocasionally produce some storytelling events.

My book, Storytelling Tips: Creating Crafting and Telling Stories is now on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle formats. (see more info here)

Things I have Done (in no particular order)
Acting Teacher
Stage Director
Stage Manager
Speaker on Humor & Stress Management
Speaking Coach
Mediation Trainer
Psychodrama Therapist
Psychodrama Trainer
Dance Instructor
Chef at a small NYC restaurant/bar
Web Designer
Restaurant Manager
Meeting Planner

Storytellers, check out STORYTELLERSDB.com
It is a FREE online database service
to keep track of all your stories
and where you have told.
My Personal Blog has posts
about my bicycling trips
to England and Europe,
some poetry, and some other short writing pieces.