4/26/2013 - England 2013
One Week Away from England
Well folks, in just about one week I will be winging my way to Ireland and England. Many of you know that I have made similar trips before. My last one was two years ago and I went to England, The Netherlands, Belgium and France.

My friend Carl (Cookie) and I have previously cycled around England and France, camped out or stayed at youth hostels, and generally came and went when and as we pleased. No schedule, no constraints, no pressure.
This year we will be starting in Dublin, as the airfare was much cheaper to fly into Dublin versus London. I will be interested in attending an open mic called "Milk & Cookies" in Dublin, just a few days after we arrive. Can't wait to soak up some of the Irish storytelling culture, then ferry over to England.
I'll be spending time in Salisbury (near Stonehenge - view the story) and then cycling across the country to Canterbury, one of my favorites. It's like one big street fair every day with tourists and vendors crowding the streets and enjoying themselves (as long as the rain stays away!). I leave May 10th and return June 12th - that's right 4 1/2 weeks! Can't wait.

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