1/30/2013 - It's Elementary
Each week, I work with Nan Wilkinson’s 5th & 6th grade class at Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center – Phoenix, AZ

Back to Basics - The Road to Performance
This could be the start of something big!

Nan and I were excited to let the kids know that we are planning on them giving a PERFORMANCE in the next few months. Most of the kids are excited at the prospect of giving a concert. When asked how many times they thought they should practice, the numbers ranged from “eight” to “a thousand”. I shared that my friend and teller, Antonio Sacre suggests that we tell stories at least 50 times before we “perform” them for an audience.

In order to get as many kids up on their feet as possible, I decided to go back to the basics – the “bare bones” of a story. Since I had spoken about Antonio, I told his “Barking Mouse” story (Lo siento, mi hermano, I don't do it justice). I used it to help them understand sequence, and wanted the kids to hear a new story. 

We then used a sequencing map flow chart to identify the elements of the story. The top rectangles are the simple, bare-bones sequence of events. The circles below are details about he characters, the setting, etc. The kids are very familiar with this process and were able to articulate the sequence and the different elements.

Next week, they must have decided on a specific story to tell and should have a start on the top line of their flow chart. We will have as many kids as possible get up and tell the sequence/bare-bones of their story. This way, they will get used to getting up and performing, even if it is not the whole, completed story. This will begin to solidify the sequence of events for them, boost their confidence levels, and as they move along, help them begin to add more and more detail.

Like I said, "This could be the start of something big!"

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