Mark Goldman Presents

Morning Session
Creating & Crafting Your Story
Afternoon Session
Performing Your Story
This 4-hour workshop will take participants through the entire story crafting process from beginning to end. All you will have to do is fill in the blanks (and answer a few important questions).

Traditional, Personal or Any Genre

  • Bring a story you already tell & want to improve,
  • Bring a new story that is just forming.
  • Or come without a story.
    • We'll give you some prompts to get you started.

Mark will use a tested "flow chart" technique to help you "map out" your story, your characters, their relationships and all the pieces in between.

We'll help you organize and explore
all the elements of your story

This Morning Workshop Will

~  Help you organize the elements of your story
~  Help you get unstuck in any section of your story
~  Help you explore your characters/scenes more deeply
~  Help you explore "what's missing" in your story
~  Work on "backstory" character development
~  Help you tell your story in ANY timeframe, long or short.


This half-day workshop will focus on the elements of performing your story.
  • Voice: tone, pitch, character voices, POV
  • Timing, Pacing, Breathing, Dramatic Pauses
  • Facial Expressions, Eye Contact
  • Body Posture & Movement
  • Gestures
  • Use of the Microphone

Each participant will be given time to tell their story, get coached and re-tell the story.


This Afternoon Workshop Will
  • Help you BE & USE yourself in the best way possible
  • Help you connect yourself to the performance and to the storyline
  • Help you portray clearly defined characters
  • Help you BE in the moment and space of the story

Individual Attention

if these workshops doesn't
Assist your crafting and telling!
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