Mark Goldman Presents
Crafting Outside the Story
Action Concepts for Story Exploration

Ever get “stuck” while crafting a story?
Do you sit for hours trying to
“think” things through?
Experience action–oriented exercises to get you out of your head, up on your feet, and crafting “outside the story.” Action helps stimulate your creativity and spontaneity, and move your brain to an elevated level of exploration and discovery.

These techniques can also be used with Youth Tellers and the Stories in Healing Arts.

This Half-Day Workshop Will
~  Move you into action
~  Help you get unstuck in any phase of crafting the story
~  Help you explore optional characters/scenes in the story
~  Work on "backstory" character development
~  Increase your spontaneity & creativity
~  Help you to view stories in terms of “action”

Laughter, Fun, Spontaneity,

if this workshop doesn't
Enhance your storytelling!
I know that these economic times can be difficult. If you want to participate in this workshop, but don't have the entire amount on hand right now, I will extend you credit. Call me to make arrangements.
More info call 602-390-3858