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Loren Niemi, former chair of the National Storytelling Network and producer of Two Chairs Talking, is a performing storyteller who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and tours the country performing at Storytelling festivals from Georgia to Washington state.
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ISBN: 978-1-935166-63-4
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The New Book of Plots
Constructing Engaging Narratives for Oral and Written Storytelling
Loren Niemi

“Loaded with insight and practical tips for constructing good stories,

…this book is one solid answer to the question, ‘How do we move storytelling into serious consideration as an art form?’ Simple. We must tell better stories. Loren Niemi shows us how. The New Book of Plots is thoughtful and thought provoking, and immensely practical and helpful.”
Michael Parent, Circle of Excellence Storyteller, Portland, Maine

“How I wish Loren Niemi’s Book of Plots had been available to me when I was teaching high school English in Evanston. His insights are so well expressed and so clearly communicated, I predict it will become a standard for generations of story writers and tellers.”
Syd Lieberman, Golden Apple recipient for excellence in teaching, Evanston, Illinois

“Niemi’s Book of Plots is an incredible resource for teachers of written or oral expression. As an added bonus, his book is a perfect fit for teaching to core curriculae in language arts at the high school level.”
Mary Hamilton, Circle of Excellence Storyteller and author, Frankfort, Kentucky

“Every once in a while a book comes along that is so fresh and innovating that it makes you rethink everything. This is such a book. Loren Niemi takes storytelling, one of the oldest arts, to a new and brighter place.”
Eric Wolf, Storyteller, and host/ producer,

“Niemi’s insightful book is a rock solid tool for writers, storytellers, classroom teachers and writing coaches.”
Antonio Rocha, Storyteller and author, Gray, Maine

“This concise, step-by-step story-crafting manual is a great choice for writers who want to improve story structure and enhance reader and audience response.”
Mark Goldman, Story Coach and Producer of the Great Arizona Story Slam