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In writing a nativity story from the point of view of a boy who lives in the stable, Shirley Taylor has given us a vivid account of Christ’s birth and a motivating experience to readers and hearers, alike. Likely to become an ‘instant classic’ of Christian literature, this simple story will inspire thousands of retellings by pastors, Christian educators, parents and grandparents.
Hardback - $17.95
ISBN: 9781935166795
40 pages - Size: 8.5
21 full-color illustrations including endsheets


The Stable Boy
The First Witness Tells His Story
Shirley Taylor

“A blessed & timeless event as seen thru the eyes of an innocent child. Required reading for kids young and old”
Ronnie Stephenson, Forever Tymeless Treasures

“Chains of silence broken by faith!”
J.P. Walt, Banker & farmer

“A wonderful story of the ‘stable’ faith of a little boy who helped tell the world about Jesus Christ”
Rev. Fred Arnold, retired United Methodist pastor

“In this wonderful story, Shirley reaffirms that “All of us were created by our Father in heaven…” and Jesus Christ will always be there when we need Him.”
Rev. George Mitchell

“A classic Christmas eve story to share with future generations”
Dr. Herman Ginger