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Mark Goldman has been telling stories his entire life as an actor, dancer, teacher, mediator, and therapist. Now, he uses those experiences to weave stories of life, laughter, and inspiration. He has produced the Great Arizona Story Slam, conducts story workshops, coaches tellers and currently teaches The Art of Storytelling at Glendale Community College and Storytelling in Business Settings  at South Mountain Community College in Arizona. Find him online at
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ISBN: 9781624910500
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Storytelling Tips:
Creating, Crafting and Telling Stories
Mark Goldman

101 tips from professional storyteller Mark Goldman.

“Where was this book when I was starting out? It could have saved me a lot of learn-as-I-go work and would've kept me on a much more productive path. This book offers a gentle helping hand to anyone who is wanting to not just do storytelling but do storytelling well. Mark's writing is easy to read and enjoyable, but don't let that fool you. This book is packed full (and I mean packed) of fantastic hints, tips, advice, wisdom and best of all … stories. It should be on every storyteller's shelf.”
Kim Weitkamp, Speaker, Storyteller, Humorist, Author

“How I wish this was available when I was first starting out! Mark Goldman offers us a book, brimming with valuable insights, tips, and experiences, sprinkled with personal vignettes in Mark's accessible and approachable style. This is a guide for storytellers both on and off the stage. It will prove invaluable for beginners who want to get started on the right foot, and for seasoned tellers who understand that our colleagues are our greatest teachers. A must have for every performer!”
Karen Chace, Storyteller/Teaching Artist/Author

"A masterful work! Mark's 101 tips are funny, witty, and totally comprehensive! I wish I had this book when first starting my career! All the basic fundamentals of story/theatre are here compacted into this little power house volume! The man left no stone (or story) unturned!"
Bobby Norfolk, Storyteller and Author

“Inspiring, insightful, and practical … Mark Goldman defines how to craft, deliver and market storytelling in clear, accessible steps that are as entertaining as they are educational. Tellers of all levels of experience will find useful tips to apply right now to grow their performance skills and storytelling careers.”
Susanna Connelly Holstein, Storyteller and Story Coach

“Not only is this book practical for storytellers of all levels, it is a joy to read. Mark knows storytelling, and shares his knowledge with skill, humor, and honesty. I look forward to being able to recommend it to fellow storytellers, students in my workshops, and to educators as well.”
Antonio Sacre, Storyteller and Author

“Mark's 101 snippets of sound advice are clearly written, touched with humor, and offered in a common-sense, easily accessible format. This book is a quick yet worthwhile read, gleaned from Mark's own steady growth and experience as a successful storyteller and educator. Gather a tip or two at a time, or make this book your evening's entertainment; it can become a self-coaching guide for any new or learning storyteller and a great enrichment tool for the experienced raconteur.”
Lynette Ford, Storyteller and Author of Affrilachian Tales: Tales from the African- American Tradition in Appalachia

“A sensational number of quality storytelling tips. You must buy it.”
Slash Coleman, Storyteller and Author

This handy book of ideas is perfect for beginning storytellers as well as more experienced, long–time tellers. Whether you want to begin a storytelling career on the right foot or invigorate an old one, you'd be wise to keep Mark's book by your bedside or in a handy spot in your office.”
Judy Sima, Storyteller, Author, and teaching artist

This book is filled with useful information and is reader-friendly. It’s like getting advice from a big brother.”
Jim May, Emmy Award-Winning Storyteller and Author

"You have made the decision to be a storyteller and you wonder where to start. Look no further than Mark Goldman’s new book Storytelling Tips: Creating, Crafting, and Telling Stories. It is a practical personal guide that will support your journey.  He makes the “how” and “why” of being a storyteller visible.  I highly recommend it."
Kevin D. Cordi, Ph.D., National Story/Storytelling Consultant, Assistant Professor, Ohio Dominican University, Co-Director of the Columbus Area Writing Project

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