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According to the National Storytelling Network, Dr. Kevin Cordi has made it his personal crusade to share the rich value of story making and storytelling. For over 27 years, he has told stories in more than 40 states, and in England, Japan, Scotland, Canada, and Qatar. Now he is Assistant Professor at Ohio Dominican University and he also serves as a Co-Director for the Columbus Area Writing Project at OSU.
ISBN: 978-1-62491-037-1
156 pages - Size: 6 x 9
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Playing With Stories
Story crafting for storytellers, writers, teachers and other imaginative thinkers.
Kevin Cordi

NEW from a master of story development.

Countless storytellers and writers only work on their stories while writing them down. This is a manual that explains why play is essential to story development and how to first use playful techniques as we work along the design of story based work.

Storytelling is the great tree of civilization. Kevin Cordi has climbed all the branches of that tree. He is perfect for this book. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands.”
Jay O’Callahan, Storyteller, Coach, Author, and occasional NPR Commentator

Kevin Cordi, a master in the field of story development, is famous for his work in improving storytelling in education and for encouraging youth troupes. I travelled half way across the globe to hear his stories and seek his wisdom, all of which exceeded expectation."
Terrie Howey, Storyteller and Educator, England

“In Playing With Stories, every fifth word Kevin Cordi said got me laughing in ways I wasn't expecting, and got me thinking about my story from a new perspective.
Tony Toledo, Storyteller and former chair of the League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling