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Michael Cotter was born near Austin, Minnesota, in 1931 on the farm that had been in his family since 1876.  He was the youngest of eight children and was raised in a strict Irish-Catholic household.  However, the barn and fields were a different world, populated by hired men who were hoboes, drifting in during the Great Depression.  His stories reflect those two conflicting life styles, blended together with his own version of Irish humor.
ISBN: 978-1-62491-042-5
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The Killdeer
And other stories from the farming life.
Michael Cotter

An instant classic from a man equally at home as a man of the earth and a man of the arts.

"The first thing that strikes you about Mike Cotter, before he opens his mouth, is just how ordinary he looks...He’s lean and rangy, with hands calloused by years of work on his family’s third generation farm near Austin...When he does open his mouth, the pitch of his voice varies like the moan of rising and falling winds over vacant prairie, and his words become almost a soliloquy delivered by a man whose mind may be in another place, another time."
Brett Pyrtle, Waseca County News

“Michael Cotter's stories ring with universal truths and values common to every society, whether agrarian like his own or urban. His settings celebrate the farming life, and his themes touch every heart. Only a generous spirit could have written these affecting stories, penned by one of the most gracious people I’ve had the honor to know.”
Jimmy Neil Smith, Founder of the National Storytelling Festival {USA)

“Life was his teacher. The stories about drifters, killdeer, a wind- mill, threshing, rain, country school, and other subjects are real - not imagined - events from his life.”
Lee Benorden, Austin Daily Herald