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Julie Moss Herrera grew up to become a storyteller in part because of a medical missionary to China who visited in her childhood home annually. In 2008 she joined a delegation of American storytellers who traveled extensively in China, both in rural and urban areas. Many of the stories in this volume were collected on that journey.
Original Trade Paperback - $16
ISBN: 978-1-935166-85-6
208 pages - Size: 6 x 9
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Old China Through the Eyes of a Storyteller
An Anthology of Chinese Folktales and the Stories Behind Them
Julie Moss Herrera

“Herrera’s Chinese stories are fresh and vivid, but it is her storytelling tips and insights into daily life in China that makes this book indispensable. This book will go into my personal library and I expect it will find a favorite place in many. I have a feeling that it will become a well worn favorite.”
Don “Buck P” Creacy, storyteller

“Having traveled on the same People to People Ambassador journey to China with Julie, I have seen Julie's anthology from inception to fruition. It is a masterful, engaging, informative and scholarly addition to our understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture, particularly storytelling and folk traditions, from ancient days to today. Practicing storytellers will especially appreciate her tips for telling and context clues at the end of each story.”
Judith Heineman, storyteller, producer and Illinois Humanities Road Scholar

“I like the stories so much! They reminded me of childhood times sitting down in an afternoon listening to wonderful stories from adults.”
Huang Sky, guide and translator, Guizhou Province, China

“How beautifully Julie has presented the flavor of our storytelling journey to China and our new friends met along the way! I am charmed how she related what we were told with such sincere feeling. The storytelling tips are so helpful. Readers will be inspired to use her folktales, adding props and music of their own.” 
Barb Yostie Ashley, puppeteer

“Julie Herrera is just the right person to release this new collection of Chinese folktales. Her own sincere delivery of stories makes you feel as if you are a child listening to mom or grandma telling a favorite tale over and over. May her stories warm your heart as you read this wonderful book.”
Dr. Mike Lockett, storyteller and children's author

“Julie Herrera's collection of Chinese folktales brings back the sights and sounds of our wonderful storytelling trip to China. The lively tales offer a rich variety of telling styles and plots in a can't-wait-to-tell-that-myself format. The storytelling tips were helpful and really made me imagine how the telling would bring the tales to life. The background material in the preface and notes that accompany each tale are informative and deepen one's appreciation for the tales.”
Elizabeth Overmeyer, storyteller and fellow traveler to China

“Herrera's grasp of the elegantly simple voice of contemporary Chinese storytelling enhances the universal essence of these traditional stories and demonstrates their place in modern everyday life in China.”
Sheila Harris, storyteller, puppeteer and fellow China Traveler