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ISBN: 978-1-62491-040-1
176 pages - Size: 5.5 x 8.5


Every Day a Holiday
A Storyteller's Memoir
Elizabeth Ellis

A storyteller’s memoir based on cardinal holidays . . . days of celebration infused with an artist’s insight

Elizabeth Ellis's words jump off the page and into the secret part of your heart where you keep treasured memories and sacred feelings. She sings to you of her life and the lives of others with whom she intersects. Compassionate and thought provoking, an Appalachian/Texan with a whole-world point of view with a little rabble rousing thrown in, Elizabeth Ellis is a true master of the written and spoken word."
Robin Bady, Storyteller, Arts Educator, Brooklyn, New York

If you ever wanted to sit at the feet of a living legend and master storyteller but couldn't afford the airfare or lodging, this is the book for you. Elizabeth’s book delivers a one-woman performance, valuable wisdom and insight learned from a lifetime of living, observing human behavior, mentoring and masterfully distilling the accumulated wisdom through the stories we love to hear her tell.”
Charlotte Blake Alston, Storyteller, Narrator

From her childhood in Appalachia to her adult life in Texas, Elizabeth Ellis has soaked up life’s big stories, re-shaped them with compassion and wisdom, and now retells them with humor, honesty, and gentleness. Readers and listeners can do no better than to sit at her feet, feeling glad to be human and ready to be kind.”
Jimmy Neil Smith, Founder of the National Storytelling Festival {USA)

Elizabeth Ellis's gift, and a rare gift it is, is to illuminate the universal through her honest explorations of the deeply personal.  Sometimes hilarious, sometimes powerful and moving, her stories are always true to her own journey and her own remarkable storyteller’s voice.”
Gayle Ross, Storyteller and Author Cherokee Nation, OK

Infused with warmth, wisdom, and accented with real poignancy, these holiday stories—and the priceless last chapter—comprise a joyous testament from a living national treasure."
Jeannine Pasini Beekman, Storyteller Louisiana Humanities Scholar