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After a standout career playing basketball at Louisiana Tech University, Erica Taylor was drafted into the WNBA. Now a third grade teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas, Taylor lives with her husband, Jermain Taylor, former Middleweight Champion of the World, and their five children.
ISBN: 978-1-62491-021-0
24 pages - Size: 8 x 10

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Figler My Imaginary Friend
Erica Taylor

An Elementary teacher, mother, and former WNBA draftee’s story of self-image affirmat

Figler: My Imaginary Friend is a profound story that captures the real creativity of children. This book can even help us adults see the strength and courage we have within. Bravo to Mrs. Tay- lor for not only creating a positive message, but for also using her sports platform to empower the next generation."
Celia Anderson, author of Love, Ocean and Daddy’s Home

Beautiful illustrations and pleasing words breathe life into the imaginary Figler!”
Spelile Rivas, Award-Winning Author

A journey of self-realization comes to life as a child ultimately discovers that the wonderful abilities possessed by Figler, the beloved imaginary friend, are talents (he/she) also possesses. The whimsical illustrations draw readers into the main character's journey of self-discovery. This book offers a delightful poetic read inspiring young readers to dare to imagine and reach for the ‘impossible.’”
Jeanine Wood, Distance Learning Coordinator Northeast Arkansas Education Cooperative