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Jay Stailey began his storytelling career at the Jungman branch of the Houston Public Library, then system-wide as a part of HPL’s Children’s Carousel. His travels through Central and South America have enriched his repertoire and led to performing gigs throughout the U.S., Canada, Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe. 
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The Blow Dried Cat and Other Island Stories
Jay Stailey

The greatest hits of a school principal-turned storyteller and management coach.

“Jay Stailey is an unconventionally wise storyteller and writer, with a clear eye for quirky characters, a twisted mind full of surprising humor and a depth of understanding for the soul of humanity. His stories connect the mind with the heart of the matter and a belly full of laughter."
Tom McDermott, Storyteller/Author/Musician/Minister First United Methodist Church, Fort Worth, TX

With the heart of a spiritualist, the experiences of an edu- cator and the craft of a writer, Jay Stailey offers stories to the world - each narrative, a reminder that we are all family when we listen to one another.”
Ann McCrady, Poet, Writer, Storyteller

"Jay Stailey’s stories are like a good meal . . . delicious and satisfying.""
Elizabeth Ellis, Storyteller