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Karen has been sharing stories professionally with a wide range of audiences since 2000 and is the founder and director of a student storytelling club in her hometown, producing their Storytelling Festival each year since 2002. Karen is also a contributing author to the National Storytelling Network's recent publications, A Beginner's Guide to Storytelling and Telling Stories to Children. 
ISBN: 978-1-62491-030-2
160 pages - Size: 7 x 10

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Story by Story
Story program tips for teachers and youth group leaders
Karen Chace

This is a treasure chest, filled with gems of knowledge and wonder by a storyteller who generously shares her wealth of experience in nurturing and informing new voices. An education in the enchantment of story for both children and their mentors.”
Lyn Ford, Storyteller and teaching artist

Karen Chace knows as much about working with young storytellers as anyone I've ever met. When I have a question or am looking for a resource, she’s the one I go to. Now, all of us are lucky enough to have Karen’s Story by Story, a nuts and bolts manual to help kids get up and tell stories. It’s a great resource every teacher and storyteller should have.”
Bill Harley, Storyteller, Author, Musician

Step by step, Story by Story provides a clear, concise blueprint for creating and maintaining a successful storytelling troupe. Veteran troupe leader Karen Chace offers honest and practical insights into the process, pitfalls, and pleasures of working with the schools and students, as well as a treasure trove of valuable sources and resources. With this handbook, you have a mentor who will take you by the hand and guide you along your way.
Sherry Norfolk, Storyteller and teaching artist

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