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Consuelo Samarripa was born into the San Antonio barrio in the years after WWII. Reared in a Span- ish-speaking household, she learned English by immersion at public school. As a child she learned of fa- milial love, a neighbor’s kindness and unsolicited generosity by example. Growing

up in San Antonio and Killeen, Texas, she saw her family struggle into the main- stream, while she learned to cherish her cultural identity as a Mexican-American. Earning her college degree as a single mother, mastering the English language through determination, she became a speaker for those who share her struggles. Now a professional storyteller who tells the stories of her culture, Samarripa serves on the board of the Texas Storytelling Association

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Barrio Princess
Growing Up in Texas
Consuelo Samarripa

Personal stories of a girl born into the Barrio of San Antonio who became a storyteller of her cultural heritage

Made in Mexico, born in America’, Barrio Princess shares heart- warming family stories, cultural tradition stories, learning English by total immersion, socialization as a minority, education, stories of her mother as a single parent, and women’s stories from a minority point of view.

Rich in family and heritage, Consuelo Samarripa’s stories may just help you discover more of yourself.”
Elizabeth Ellis, National Storytelling Network Circle of Excellence Storyteller and Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Filled with the quiet humor that has marked her stories from early days in Austin and the same true-to-life voice of a little girl growing up in South San Antonio, these stories express.

Samarripa’s unyielding love for Texas and her Mexican-American heritage. Here the big issues of family, money, race, and poli-  tics are perfectly shaded by the shawl of a powerful voice that whispers.”
Tim Tingle, Choctaw storyteller and author of award-winning books from his culture