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 Category:  Fiction/Young Adult

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ISBN: 978-1-935166-44-3
192 pages - Size: 5.5 x 8.5


Jesse Crosse
Michael J. Moran

The tale revolves around a struggling small-town basketball team with a nerdy manager and a Walter Mittyesque coach in 1961. Presented with too few players to scrimmage in practice, the manager takes it upon himself to spread the word throughout the school: We need you on the team. Three young students appear, diminutive in stature and with scrawny chests, unimpressive at first sight. But with the foursome, and their fleet leader Jesse Crosse, the team first experiences shock, then inspiration and constant surprises.

“There’s more to this basketball story than meets the eye.…

"...Jesse Crosse, the story of a hopeless basketball team brought together by an inspired group of new recruits and a fearless coach, turns out to be both moving and uplifting.”
Garrett Quinn, now a senior at the University of Notre Dame; a student of the author when he was point guard on the State Champion 2008 Rockets of Little Rock Catholic High School for Boys

"What would happen if the Messiah appeared as a black teenager on a high school basketball team in a small Southern town?  Michael J. Moran's always interesting and sometimes provocative novel will evoke new ideas and interesting discussions for both younger and older readers.  Clever allusions to characters, places, and events from the Gospel narratives are nothing less than brilliant."
John M. Keith, Episcopal priest & author of True Divinity in Christ: a Testimony of Faith & Hope

“An inspired and uplifting story, Jesse Crosse tells the adventure of a small town high school basketball team as it learns the meaning of excellence and the transformative power of goodness through the example of one extraordinary teammate.  Superbly written, Jesse Crosse will find its way into every reader’s heart. Sure to go to film one day. ”
Frank Butler, President, FADICA

"Like all good allegories, this one is a fast-paced story of universal appeal that has, just below its surface, another even more gripping story which keeps winking at us.  The result is also two-fold: a book you’ll love reading and a reading experience you'll remember for a long time to come."
Phyllis Tickle, author of The Divine Hours and The Great Emergence

"Exciting reading for high school ball players, this unique book was written by one who knows the intricacies of basketball.  Readers of Jesse Crosse will be motivated to strike a blow against mean and ugly racial prejudice."
J. Phillips Noble, author of Beyond the Burning Bus: The Civil Rights Revolution in a Southern Town

"High school students will enjoy this fast-paced, easy read with a gender friendly plot and basketball play narrative.  A well-developed and meaningful allegory develops between Jesse and Jesus. The discussion  guide will be extremely useful.  I will recommend Jesse Crosse to Religion and Language Arts teachers as a supplemental reading project."
Jean N. Timko, Librarian, Sacred Heart School