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Kay Collett Goss, Certified Energy Manager, is a former associate Federal Emergency Management Agency director in charge of national preparedness, training, and exercises for President Bill Clinton.

Currently, she is the founding president and CEO for World Disaster Management, president of the Foundation for Higher Education Accreditation in Emergency Management, first vice president of the International Network of Women in Emergency Management, and vice president of Every Child Is Ours Foundation, which launched World Disaster Management Community College in Kanana, South Africa, in 2012.

ISBN: 978-1-935166-49-8
256 pages - Size: 6 x 9


Mr. Chairman
The Life and Legacy of Wilbur D. Mills
Kay Collett Goss

“...A great Arkansas and national political story, covering not only the remarkable political life of one of Arkansas’ favorite sons, but also his compelling personal and professional lives as well.  …This book balances [Mills’] accomplishments, without ignoring his troubles.  Kay Goss has deftly weighed Mills’ character and shown the complexity that was Wilbur Mills.” 
Dale Bumpers, United States Senator, retired, from his Foreword

“In my 30 years in Congress, I never knew any other member that I respected as a legislator more than Wilbur Mills. He was always fair and respectful of other Members irrespective of their party affliation or philosophy. Under his chairmanship, the Ways and Means Committee always functioned on a non-partisan basis. The only criteria was ‘Is it good or bad tax policy?’ What I learned in my experience with Wilbur Mills profoundly affected me and helped me to be far more effective when I became Ways and Means Chair in 1995. Goss’s book will be a real benefit to future members of Congress and to scholars."
Bill Archer, United States House of Representatives Ways and Means Chairman, now retired

“Kay Goss has special and personal knowledge of Wilbur Mills, both ‘The Chairman’ and the simply human. She shares it with us wonderfully. Mr. Mills provided steady help and hope for ordinary working Americans and for those in need beginning in 1934 with what was in effect a ‘County Medicaid’ program while serving as County Judge in White County, and later the massive strengthening of Social Security and creation of Medicare and Medicaid, which he shepherded through Congress as Chairman of Ways and Means.  His good deeds live on in the memories of those who watched and in the lives of those receiving these services today!”
James Guy Tucker, Former Arkansas Governor and Congressman

"Wilbur, by the way, was of the two most able guys I ever served with. The United States Tax Code is an incredibly complicated document, but Wilbur knew every comma in it. He was also a power, and had been Chairman of Ways and Means since 1958."
Tip O'Neil, retired Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, in his memoir, Man of the House

"As my college professor, Kay Goss inspired my belief in politics being the art of the possible.  As the author of the definitive biography on Wilbur Mills, the powerful and accomplished chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, she will inspire yours.
James L. , Dean, University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service

“Essential reading for anyone interested in a better understanding of modern American history, this comprehensive narrative of one of Arkansas’s greatest contributors to United States history is sympathetic in tone, analytical in style."
C. Fred Williams, Professor Emeritus, UALR

“…Captures the greatness and the human frailties of Wilbur Mills, the most powerful and highly respected member of Congress during my tenure there, when I was honored to earn his friendship.”
John Paul Hammerschmidt, Congressman, Retired