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Elizabeth Ellis told stories as a public librarian before launching her career as a performing storyteller, a calling which has taken her to the stages of the National Storytelling Festival and scores of other events. She has been honored with the National Storytelling Network’s Circle of Excellence Award, the highest honor for an American storyteller. A recipient of the John Henry Faulk Award, she resides in Dallas, Texas.
Original Trade Paperback - $12
ISBN: 978-1-935166-81-8
112 pages - Size: 5.5 x 8.5
with charts and illustrations


From Plot to Narrative
A Step-By-Step-Process of Story Creation and Enhancement
Elizabeth Ellis

"A masterful book by a master storyteller…
…To think that Elizabeth Ellis' voice could be even more powerful in print than in performance is unimaginable, but here she is in this inspiring and insightful book. She teaches us with humor and generosity, asking that we dig deeper – layer after layer - until we come to love and understand the characters we've created. Our stories are stronger for her guidance and so are we.”
Jane Stenson, Storyteller, author and educator, Evanston, Illinois

"This long-awaited book will be required reading for my students. I look forward to using it with them. Plot is a word everyone has heard but few can explain. It is so much more than “a beginning, a middle, and an end” in a story – as textbooks often define it. Elizabeth Ellis, a master storyteller and teacher, knows better than anyone how to describe the elements of plot and demonstrate how they can be crafted into meaningful stories.
Barbara McBride-Smith, Circle of Excellence Storyteller, School Librarian
- Instructor at Phillips Theological Seminary, Tulsa, OK

"Elizabeth Ellis takes us on a journey of “storying” using wit, humor and common sense! While some tools may be familiar, Elizabeth has added fresh perspective, offering examples and exercises to facilitate the flow of creativity. Her methods set free our senses, allowing them to guide us through the images of character, narrative, plot and setting, advancing the process of crafting our stories. You will want to quickly find room in your personal library or classroom for this book; another valuable contribution to the storytelling and writing world by the esteemed artist Elizabeth Ellis."
Karen Chace, Storyteller and Teaching Artist,

"I love the way this step-by-step manual breaks the writing process down to bite-sized pieces, helping us discover new veins of meaning and humor in our material.”
Megan Hicks, Storyteller, Media, Pennsylvania