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A Kingdom at Any Cost
The First Post Bush-Era Examination of the Apocalyptic Right
Michael W. Wilson & Natalie Zimmerman

"Made with an artist's eye and a muckraker's spirit, Silhouette City shows how radical right-wing apocalypticism has wormed its way into the American mainstream. This a transfixing and important film. It deserves the widest possible audience."
Michelle Goldberg, author, Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism

Director Michael W. Wilson and producer Natalie Zimmerman, in their documentary film Silhouette City, have dramatically revealed the contours of an apocalyptic movement that has achieved extraordinary influence over the past eight years — and whose current fragmentation threatens an even more radical retrenchment.

A Kingdom at Any Cost, includes valuable interviews, essays, documents and details not covered in the film — further exploring the scope of a movement that's moved from the margins to the mainstream and beyond. It serves as a powerful resource: a handbook for studying the film and a reader for examining America's contemporary militant Christian activism.