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GREG HATCHER is president of The Hatcher Agency, a customer-service award-winning insurance agency based in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Original Trade Paperback - $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-935166-18-4
256 pages - Size: 5.5 x 8.5


55 Steps to Outrageous Service
Outrageous Service Principles to Better Serve Your Customers
Greg Hatcher

"I never tire of reading the timeless principles Greg has outlined in this most helpful book. All who work in the service industry will benefit from this quick and enjoyable read. We are indebted to Greg for motivating us to higher levels of outrageous service."
Russ Harrington, President & CEO, Baptist Health, Little Rock, Arkansas

"I have observed Greg apply these principles for many years and they work. The principles are very simple and his book should be read by all employees."
Gene Whisenhunt, Executive Vice President, Hickingbotham Investments

"Following Greg's 55 steps to Outrageous Setvice will result in your customers telling their friends."
Mike Brown, Executive Vice President and CEO, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield

"Greg Hatcher is an icon in marketing and time management. NO business, regardless of its nature, can make a mistake by incorporating the principles of this book."
John J. Flake, CCIM, Chairman, Flake & Kelley Commercial Real Estate

"We are not talking going from just good to great; we are talking "outrageous ideas" which can transform your organization, business or hospital to deliver legendary world class service. The techniques you will learn are easy to implement and will allow you to quickly turn any organization around without burning morale or hurting tender feelings."
Michael Layfield, CEO, Drew Memorial Hospital, Monticello, Arkansas

"Once you start reading the book, you find out how much you know that you are not using and therefore don't want to stop reading because of the excitement that success is right in front of you. Great reading!"
Ron Boyeskie, VP, CBM Construction Co., Inc., North Little Rock,

"These principles are timeless and will help any company rise to the top in customer service."
David A. Bird, CLU, ChFC , President, Allstate Workplace Division, Jacksonville, Florida

"We've provided this book to each of our Account Managers as required reading. These principles are timeless, and can and do serve as differentials in the marketplace. The concepts are proven and certainly valued."
J. Stephen Horton, VP, United Healthcare