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Cubs Fans' Leadership Secrets
Learning to Win From A
John Charles Kunich & Richard I. Lester

Cubs' teams have often focused on one or two star performers, to the detriment of the team's overall performance. Stars have often been selfish and devoted to their own success, and the leaders have tolerated this. Effective leadership recognizes the dangers in this situation and provides an antidote.

"The good news is that the Cubs and their fans already have done the suffering for you. As John Kunich and Richard Lester ask in this book, why not try to get some payoff from all that sorrow? Kunich and Lester turn this colossal failure-lest inside out and show exactly what went so wrong for so long, and how today's leaders can learn from these mistakes."
from the foreword by best-selling author Ken Blanchard

---------------------------------------THE AUTHORS

JOHN CHARLES KUNICH, a Cubs' fan since birth, is the author of five previous books (including co-author of Survival Kit For Leaders) and numerous professional articles. Kunich also wrote the script and music for Marva!, a musical about famed Chicago educator Marva Collins. He is a tenured professor of law at Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte, North Carolina.

RICHARD I. LESTER, co-author of Survival Kit for Leaders, has written text books for the Air Force and published widely in both national and international journals. Dr. Lester currently is Dean of Academic Affairs at the Eaker College for Professional Development at Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Dr. Lester also is a certified management consultant.