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WILLIAM HENRY ASTI recently addressed the American Institute of Architects during an annual conference in Miami, Florida, advocating the importance of social activism in creating our world of the future. Mr. Asti is the founder and owner of William Henry Asti, AIA in Little Rock, Arkansas. The scope of Mr. Asti's design, planning and consulting has spanned three decades and four continents. He has worked in twelve States and the District of Columbia, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Korea, Pakistan, Nigeria and Poland. His domestic work has included universities, schools, prisons, hospitals, casinos, residential and corporate headquarters. A student and friend of the internationally renowned Architect E. Fay Jones, the foremost disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright, Mr. Asti has conceived his own vision of a post-industrial future.

ISBN: 978-1-935166-20-7
400 pages - Size: 5.5 x 8.5


The Chicken Came First
A Primer for Renewing and Sustaining Communities
William Henry Asti

Sustainability is not a buzz-word anymore; it's a matter of 'survival of the fittest.' Any meaningful achievement in this area (of sustainability) will require some significant paradigm shift in our attitude about how we live, how we consume our resources, how we govern ourselves and how we provide for our mobility needs. I think Bill has done an excellent job in exploring these issues.
Subrata Basu, AIA, AICP

"Whether you call it smart growth, sustainability, or green, we must do everything possible to reduce our footprint and reduce our dependence on carbon fuels. Asti has been a pioneer, advocating smart growth and sustainability before those two terms were invented."
Ellis L. McIntosh, AIA, LEED AP, The McIntosh Group, LLC, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Industries, health care, education and other societal sectors are trying to tread more lightly on our environment. To achieve sustainability goals this epoch demands, we must work together to maximize the benefit to our communities. Asti has always seen the larger picture and encouraged orchestration of diverse initiatives. The Chicken Came First is full of knowledge, sensitivity, and insights certain to advance the achievement of sustainable communities."
Richard Renfro, AIA, Renfro Design Group, Inc. New York City

"Mr. Asti's efforts to encourage a higher level of individual initiative and private sector involvement [in sustainable community building and design] are commendable and well in line with the President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives."
Jay Moorhead, AIA, LEED AP, The McIntosh Group, LLC, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thirteen years before the Eco-City Movement was established and five years before the Rocky Mountain Institute began, in 1977 Mr. Asti created the first private foundation in the United States dedicated to the issue of educating individuals and communities about the development of communications-based, post-industrial, sustainable communities. In1980, thirteen years before the founding of the U.S. Green Building Council and while Alvin and Heidi Toffler were writing about the Third Wave, Asti designed "Prodigy" the first "Third Wave City of the Future," in history, the first attempt at defining a 21st Century community based on a post industrial, sustainable economy.