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Speed Trap
Eighty Robberies and Fifty Years
William W. Allen

“Speed Trap is a powerful and compelling true-life story which will positively impact many lives. Allen shows how drugs destroyed the good part of a very talented man’s life and hopefully will cause its readers to stay out of the trap of “speed” and avoid a long prison sentence from the likes of me.”
David G. Scott, CFA, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, 13th Judicial District, Arkansas

"A book that could change lives. One of the most powerful stories I have ever read."
David Norwood, Sheriff Ouachita County, Arkansas

Bill Allen was a restless child. His teachers saw a lot of promise and a lot of oppositional behavior. The problem didn’t seem to be the home: his 1960’s family life was all Ozzie and Harriet. His dad sold life insurance; his mom held bridge parties. The problem in Bill seemed to have come from nowhere. It didn’t go away. He was an enigma in junior high. After the ninth grade, he walked out of high school, never to return.

Eventually, he had burned all his bridges. Even family hated to see him show up at holidays. His best friend was hiding from him behind the counter at every drug store; Bill had to have speed. This is the story of his downward spiral into drugs, into trouble, into jail. It is terribly real and true. The author hopes that, by reading of his bad, bad example, other promising young people may avoid his fate.