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JOHN CHARLES KUNICH is Professor of Law and Director of Research and Scholarship at the Charlotte School of Law. Recently, he spoke at the World Environmental Conference in London, England. 
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ISBN: 978-1-935166-17-7
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Betting The Earth
How We can Still Win the Biggest Game of All Time
John Charles Kunich

"Science leaves no doubt that we are in the throes of global warming, but leaves much doubt about how bad it'll get and when. Uncertainty triggers high emotions that have polarized policy and public debate. Here comes Professor John Kunich with a simple, plain-English yet highly sophisticated decision matrix for understanding and analyzing these probabilistic questions and for rationally weighing the odds. With so much at stake, his book is essential reading." 
David Rosenberg, Lee S. Kreindler Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

"Betting the Earth explores the uneasy parallels between our contemporary environmental challenges and our national fascination with gambling. How much should we bet on preserving biodiversity? Should we bet more on responding to climate change? Where should we place each bet: on federal or state laws, on acquiring public or private preserves, on preventing environmental harms or saving places of special environmental significance? Like it or not, we make such choices every day, and Betting the Earth helps us to understand how we do so."
Professor John Copeland Nagle, John N. Matthews Chair in Law, University of Notre Dame Law School

Kunich’s book is a useful addition to thought for environmentalists and for those who distrust environmentalism. Many people claim we are gambling with our world, and Kunich argues that every person needs to assess that claim. His book provides ideas on how we can each make that assessment for ourselves." 
Richard S. Courtney, Expert Peer Reviewer, UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

"I have traveled the world and played in the highest stakes games, or so I thought. Dr. Kunich has shown me that the biggest gamble is all around me and right beneath my feet!"
Barry Greenstein, high-stakes professional poker player, known as the 'Robin Hood of poker"