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Lyn Ford is one of America’s busiest touring storytellers. She headlines events coast-to-coast, including the National Storytelling Festival and the National Storytelling Conference. The power of her performance comes straight out of her family storytelling heritage, which is the content of this, her first book. Here she tells how she learned stories from her father and grandfather—and she includes many of the stories they told her.
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ISBN: 978-1-935166-66-5
224 pages - Size: 6 x 9
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Affrilachian Tales
Folktales from the African-American Appalachian Tradition
Lyn Ford

“With this incredible book, Lyn Ford has fulfilled her destiny as keeper of her native culture. By recording these Affrilachian Tales, she provides profound insight into the oral tradition in America, creating an original resource worthy of research by The Smithsonian!”
Bobby Norfolk, Storyteller and Author, St. Louis, MO

“Lyn Ford's Affrilachian Tales is a treasure. There is such beauty in Ford's introduction where we learn of her upbringing in the Affrilachian region of Pennsylvania. The stories--trickster tales, folk tales, tales of critters are beautifully written, warm, funny and full of wisdom. I laughed out loud at ‘Possum and Snake.’”
Jay Oā€¯Callahan, Storyteller and Author, Marshfield, MA

“Lyn Ford’s major contribution to U.S. folklore could not have come at a better time. Ford’s work introduces a relatively unknown, yet wonderfully familiar, community in our midst.”
Caren Neile, Storyteller and Professor, Florida International University

“Lyn Ford has given us much more than a book of tales. She has opened the door to her home, invited us in and offered us a meal that is rich with morsels of culture, humor, heart, and history. The minute I read the line, ‘One does not give power to those who try to subvert knowledge simply because it does not fit into their own worldview,’ I knew that I was going to love this book. And that was just the preface.”
Kim Weitkamp, Humorist and Storyteller, West Virginia

“When I closed the book, I felt like I’d just been given a party--a party that said welcome home friend.”
Charlotte Blake Alston, Storyteller for the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, Independent Touring Storyteller and Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

"Lyn’s stories bring her native world—the Appalachian culture of African-Americans--to life with wonder, laughter and wisdom.”
Judy Sima, Storyteller, Author, Teaching Artist, Former North Central Regional Director of the National Storytelling Network

“Lyn Ford affectionately reveals the traditions and values of a culture that is new to many of us. Bravo!”
Mary Grace Ketner, Storyteller, Austin, TX

“A rich and unique landscape peopled with characters and plots as unusual as they are delightful.”
Jim May, Storyteller, Author and Educator, Illinois