September 3, 2018
Issue # 330

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Three Score and One Decade Ago

Three score and one decade ago, on this day, my mother and father, and two older sisters, brought forth and welcomed onto this earth, a child. Crazy, wild, inquisitive, with a thirst for understanding the world around him, and the desire to do everything by himself. It was difficult, but after the last few decades, he has learned, in some very small ways, to ask for and receive occasional help.

In the past decade, he has learned to say YES more often to his students, and NO more often to the things that take his time but give no internal reward.

He has loved and lost... and loved again... and lost again. Yet he still has hope, like every frog, that one day, he will be kissed by a princess. At that time, he will not transform into a handsome prince, but will remain a frog, in love and elated. He will tell stories to his princess and listen to her stories. Frogs are like that! The two may not live happily ever after every day, but each day they will proclaim their love for each other, and that will get them through whatever life hands them.

In the years and decades to come let stories help us understand the world around us and fill us with the wonder what can be can be.

Oh Yeah, The Stupid Contest Answer

By the way, No one sent in an answer to that stupid contest to win an hour of coaching. Anyway, here it is:

My age - 70 divided by the number of tips in my boook - 101 equals these repeting numbers:



Sharing the Fire - Call for Proposals

                        Northeast Storytelling

SHARING THE FIRE 2019 — Northeast Storytelling Conference
                              “All Kinds”
March 29-31, 2019 @ Hotel 1620, Plymouth, Massachusetts
DEADLINE: Proposals must be received by Midnight (EDT), Sunday, September 23, 2018
Click here for more info

Northlands Confabulation - Call for Proposals

Call for Workshops, Showcases & Fringes for the
2019 Confabulation!
in Madison, Wisconsin
April 26–28, 2019
Proposals Due October 15, 2018

In psychiatry, confabulation (verb: confabulate) is a disturbance of memory, defined as the production of fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive.
Don't let the above definition deter you! This is one of the most prestigious and well-run conferences in the storytelling community.
Download Guidelines Here
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This Week


Odyssey Storytelling in Tucson - BRANDED

Thursday, September 6th - 7:00 pm
The Sea of Glass Center for the Arts
330 E. 7th Street

Odyssey Storytelling Presents: BRANDED

Curated by Miles Schneiderman
$10 General / $7 Students
7-9pm Doors open at 6:30

Jade Beall
Mark Anthony Capetillo
Aimee Finkelstein
Shoshone Onurantia
James Perry
Cerridwen Johnson

Click here for details & info

Tucson Tellers of Tales - Guild Meeting

Saturday, September 8, 2018
9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
At the Harmony Meeting Room:
1200 N Eldorado Place, Suite B-200 in Tucson

Join this vibrant group of tellers for great stories, training and community involvement!

More info, please contact:
Glenda Bonin
(520) 629-0270

Visit Their Facebook Page

East Valley Tellers of Tales

Saturday, September 8th ~ 10am - Noon
Scottsdale Public Library 
Civic Center Drive, Scottsdale
Downstairs in the Gold Room

Join us to celebrate storytelling successes. - The FIRST Meeting of Fall!

East Valley Tellers of Tales is a Phoenix area guild of Storytellers and Storylisteners. A truly safe place to share your story! We are an affiliate of the National Storytelling Network. Come and find out what this means, and how it benefits you!

East Valley Tellers of Tales is a group that provides a safe place to hear and tell stories, to learn about stories and storytelling, and enjoy fellowship with others. We support the personal and professional development of members, preserve and promote storytelling, and provide information about storytelling opportunities and events

Each month, our goal is to tell stories, listen to stories and celebrate. Join us!

Lunch Note: After the meeting, many of us gather for lunch. We invite all attendees to join us at Randy's Restaurant, NW Corner of Hayden & Chapparal in the Safeway Center.
Click here for details & info

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Coming Up


AZ Storytellers Project - Our Family, Our Culture
Thursday - September 13th - 7:00 pm
Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix

Every family has its own quirks, traditions, recipes and memories. Join The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com for a night of tales about the families we’re born into and the ones we choose.
Emcee:  Megan Finnerty, founder of the Storytellers Project.
Featured tellers:
Becca Smouse 
Amy Carney 
Shawn Jordan
Anwar Newton
Megan Finnerty
Accessibility Note: If you require ASL Interpretation Services for this event or a future Storytellers event, or if you require accommodations related to mobility or seating, contact Kaila White at kaila.white@arizonarepublic.com
For more info & Tickets

Storyline Slam - Skool'd
Friday - September 14th - 7:00 pm
Changing Hands - Phoenix

The line-up for The Storyline SLAM: Skool'd:
TBA - Vistit the website after Sept.9th
At least two storytelling spots are open for a live drawing at 7:00 pm on the night of the show. 
There's still room for you. Put your name in the drawing the night of the show for one of the first two storytelling spots!
TICKET (admits one) is $6 in advance, $8 at the door from Changing Hands Phoenix.
Order at 602.274.0067 
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Don't Stop Till You Get Enuf

That's a quote from Friend, Colleague and Storyteller Michael D. McCarty. The "one-man-audience". The happiest guy in the room. And the LOUDEST guy at the conference. His website is havemouthwillrunit.com.

Michael has a great, joyous take on life: Don't worry, be happy. And "Don't stop till you get enuf."

That's my tip for today, at the age of 70! Here's what I have learned: DON'T STOP!

That's ME in the middle between my two nephews, 45 years ago! I've never stopped being "Pooh" or "Grover" or "The Old Witch" or any of the other characters I have played in my life. I am always ready to PLAY!

Don't stop learning
One of the things I noticed at my first conference (and all the other ones too) is that the "seasoned" headliner tellers also went to other people's workshops and presentations. They didn't merely sit around and play the role of "I'm done." They continued to learn about their craft. Could the rest of us be as diligent? ---Don't stop!

Don't stop listening and looking.
Look around you, what do you see? What do you hear? There are stories all around you. There are wonders and marvels to see and hear. Be on the lookout for them and all that they can tell; you and teach you. ---Don't stop!

Don't stop loving.
Honor the lost loves by letting them go, and don't be afraid to love again. 
Love the ones who don't love, no matter what. It may be the only thing they respond to.
Sending out loving vibes and messages can change the world,,, one person at a time.---Don't stop!

Don't stop doing what makes you happy.
Show others that you ARE WHO YOU ARE and NOTHING will get in your way. Don't stop!

Don't stop believin'.
Believe in yourself and others. Believe in success - it comes in all forms. Don't stop!

Don't stop telling.
No matter where you are, how old you are, how experienced you are. In Camelot, King Arthur, at the end of the musical, admonishes a young boy:

Each evening, from December to December
Before you drift to sleep upon your cot
Think back on all the tales that you remember
Of Camelot.

Ask ev'ry person if they've heard the story
And TELL IT STRONG AND CLEAR if they have not.
That once there was a fleeting wisp of glory
Called Camelot.

---Don't stop!

GCC STORYTELLING STUDENTS: Extra Credit - Sometime today or tomorrow morning, STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN. What do you hear? What do you see? What wonders or marvels are you aware of?

  • A small child eating French fries at the food court, but with the joy of a gourmand having a roasted lamb shank.
  • A puppy, trying to keep up with its owner, constantly looking up for acknowledgement and love.
  • Two lovers, sitting on the steps, where the world around them has faded away, and they can only hear their own voices as they try to stave off their fears and doubts.

Write at least 150 words about the wonder around you. Tell me a story of what's happening, or what you see and hear. Paint a picture for me. Email it to me at mark@storytellermark.com before 2 pm Tuesday, Sept. 4th. - Total POSSIBLE points: 20.

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The San Diego Connection

Welcome to Storytellers of San Diego 

Eclipse "Love's Labour's Lost," September 5th 7:00pm at Eclipse Chocolate Bar and Bistro, South Park

Linda Whiteside, OJ Mozon, Jim Dieckmann. Arlyn Hackett, and Mindy Donner tell traditional tales, literary works, and personal stories, at Eclipse Chocolate Bar and Bistro, 2145 Fern Street, (Fern and Ivy) 7:00 - 9:00, Suggested donation $5
Eclipse website                                Event poster (.pdf)

Twisted Horn"Talk Tales Like a Viking," September 19th, 7:00pm. Twisted Horn Mead and Cider, Vista

Inagural "Third Wednesday," Night of Skaldship; storytelling and music with Patti Christensen, Aunt Li-Anne, and The Patchwork Players at the Twisted Horn, 1042 La Mirada Ct., Vista 92081, 7:00- 9:00pm. Suggested donation $5
Twisted Horn website                   Event poster (.jpg)

Storytelling Institute Storytelling Institute, Encinitas Library, October 8, 15, 22, 29, November 5, 19, 5:00-6:30pm

Focusing on creating and polishing personal stories, participants may attend all six or any individual sesssion. Storytellers of San Diego stalwarts: Marilyn McPhie, Linda Whiteside, Aunt Li-Anne, Jim Dieckmann, and Mindy Donner will guide the classes. FREE, more information: email Marilyn

Aunt Li-Anne Aunt Li-Anne , "Storytime", Encinitas Library, 11:00am, August 27th, October 1, 8, 15, 22

540 Cornish Dr., Encinitas FREE   

Tellebration 2018 Tellabration!TM 2018: "The Sea Less Travelled," November 10th, 7:30pm, Bethany Lutheran Church, Ocean Beach

Annual Tellebration!TM: A Worldwide Celebration of Storytelling, with Eric George Tauber, Aunt Li-Anne, David Schmidt, Jessica Baris, Patti Christensen, Leo Baggerly, Marilyn McPhie and Fred Laskowski, 2051 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., Ocean Beach, Ages 12+, $15 

Event Poster (.jpg)      Link to Storyteller Biographies

Harlynne Geisler Harlynne Geisler, September 19th, 10:30am, "Preschool Stories and a Craft," University Community Library 

Every 3rd Wedneday, 4155 Governor Dr., San Diego, (858) 552-1655, FREE

Harlynne's website

Open Mic Storytelling


"The Narrators" at Tiger, Tiger Tavern, North Park, September 11th, 8:00pm

Topic: "'Close Call"  at Tiger, Tiger Tavern, 3025 El Cajon Blvd, North Park, tavern website
FREE for participants and listeners, to share a true personal story.  Signup online at:  
"The Narrators" website
More information contact Robert email

Storytellers of San Diego

"4th Wednesday Open Mic"
September 26th, 7:00pm

All tellers and listeners are welcome to attend at the Barnes and Noble, 10775 Westview Parkway, San Diego 92129.
Contact Marilyn McPhie for more information call (858) 484-1325 or email mmcphie@gmail.com

 Long Story Short

"Long Story Short", September 6th, Rooted Kava Bar, Hillcrest, 7:00pm

Topic: "Spooked,"  7:00-9:00pm, Open to one and all to tell a five minute story without notes on the theme: Suggested donation $5

Rooted Kava Bar
1731 University Ave, (parking in back)
Long Story Short website

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******************************* THERE'S A LOT GOING ON EACH MONTH ***************************

---------------------------------CALL TO MAKE SURE THE EVENT IS STILL ON

The Chatterbox Open Mic
Every Wednesday - 8:00 PM
Fair Trade Cafe
1020 N 1st Ave, Phoenix

Infuse Open Mic
Second Sunday of each month - Phoenix

FStorytellers - Female Story Tellers - Tucson
Usually sometime during the first week of the month - but check their website) at  7 pm - TUCSON

Odyssey Storytelling
First Thursday of each month (usually but check calendar) - TUCSON

Tucson Tellers of Tales - Storytellers Guild
First Saturday of each month (except July and August) - Tucson

West Side Story Tellers - Storytellers Guild
First Saturday of each month - GLENDALE *NO meetings in July & August

East Valley Tellers of Tales -Storytellers Guild
Second Saturday of each month - SCOTTSDALE - *NO meetings in July & August

Fourth Saturday of each month (usually - check calendar) - *NO meetings in June & July
SMCC Storytelling Institute
A monthly workshop designed to help storytellers build community and deepen repertoire.
See the Calendar

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