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Issue # 326

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Storytelling Classes Start in TWO WEEKS

Storytelling Classes start in just TWO weeks, on August 20th. So make sure you register now! 
South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute certainly has the most classes, and the most diverse offerings of storytelling classes. 

But did you know...
There are storytelling classes at all of these Maricopa Community colleges?

To see the list of classes and register, click on the link below. 
Check on the Location, and in the search boxes.

I will be teaching three Art of Storytelling classes this semester.
I currently have several openings in my Tuesday/Thursday classes at 4:00-5:15pm (HUM292 or EDU292). 
And one opening in my Tuesday/Thursday classes at 5:45-7:00pm (HUM292 or EDU292). 
Check out classes at the link below and change the parameters to meet your needs.
*Note: The Art of Storytelling may also be listed as HUM292 or EDU292
          Multicultural Folktales may also be listed as HUM294 or EDU294

Click here to see all course listings - change the parameters to see listings at other colleges

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This Week


Storyline Slam - Vacation

Friday - August 10th - 7:00 pm
Changing Hands - Phoenix

The line-up for the Friday, August 10th Storyline Vacation SLAM:
3.     Carrie Deahl
4.     Mackenzie Saunders
5.     Michael Palladino
6.     Laura Rutherford
7.     Stina Sieg
8.     Jany Deng
9.     Jayna Cassanova
10.  John Chakravarty
At least two storytelling spots are open for a live drawing at 7:00pm on the night of the show. 
There's still room for you. Put your name in the drawing the night of the show for one of the first two storytelling spots!
TICKET (admits one) is $6 in advance, $8 at the door from Changing Hands Phoenix.
Order at 602.274.0067 

AZ Storytellers Project - Our Family, Our Culture

Tues, August 21st - 7:00 pm
Phoenix Theatre
100 East McDowell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Every family has its own quirks, traditions, recipes and memories. Join The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com for a night of tales about the families we’re born into and the ones we choose.
Emcee: Megan Finnerty, founder of the Storytellers Project, and Lorraine Longhi, Scottsdale reporter for The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com. 
Featured tellers:
Millie Hollandbeck
Dimon Sanders 
Randall Howe
Terri Trent
Accessibility Note: If you require ASL Interpretation Services for this event or a future Storytellers event, or if you require accommodations related to mobility or seating, contact Kaila White at kaila.white@arizonarepublic.com
For more info & Tickets

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Coming Up


A Slice of Life: Stories and Cake - New Beginnings
Thursday - August 23rd - 7pm
The NEW Space55
1524 N 18th Ave,
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Friends and Story Enthusiasts - Come support Space 55's new curated storytelling series! 
This month's theme: New Beginnings
This Month's Cake: Cookies & Cream
This month's MC - Mario Avent
This month's tellers:
There will be BOTH traditional and personal stories.

The Moth - Collaboration
Thursday - August 23rd 8pm - 10pm
Crescent Ballroom - Doors open at 7

308 N 2nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003

The Moth StorySLAM returns for a night of true, personal storytelling. 

COLLABORATION: Prepare a five-minute story about teamwork. Dynamic duos, helping hands, partners in crime. United by a common goal, allied by a mutual enemy. Collective efforts in the kitchen, field or boardroom. Overcoming differences, agreeing to disagree. Celebrating in victory or commiserating in defeat. I jump, you jump. 1,2,3…

Tickets: $10

*Seating is not guaranteed and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before the show. Admission is not guaranteed for late arrivals. All sales final.
More info & tickets
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What's The Best Camping Stove?

A reprint of a favorite tip from 2014.

Many of you know that I am a bicycle/camping enthusiast. Over the years, I have modified and purchased newer and newer gear for camping and cooking at the campground. Of course, every camper has their “favorite” camping stove: the lightest; the smallest; the quietest; the best gas burner, etc. Everyone believes their choice is “the best.”

A few years ago I was at REI (the “best” camping store) and overheard a customer ask the salesperson, “What’s the best camping stove?” Eager to hear his take, I was surprised when, instead, he asked a question. “What kind of food are you going to be cooking?”
Ah! Brilliant!
Here was not just a great salesperson, but a great “coach”. Rather than tell the customer what stove “he” thought, or even “others” thought was the best, he used specific questions to ascertain more information about the “needs of the customer.”
Good coaching for storytellers is quite similar. Quite often, students and coaching clients ask me, “What’s the best way to…?; How do I…?; How can I…?” My “best” response to any of these queries is to follow up with another question; questions that will assist the client in focusing in on their goals and understanding of their story.
Who’s your audience?
What’s the story about?
What do you want the audience to feel, experience?
How long do you have to tell?
These and other secondary and tertiary questions will lead the client AND the coach along the appropriate path for this particular story/situation.
Last year I had a coaching session with Sean Buvala.  I presented an idea for a new character-specific story. I was having difficulty finding the right direction to go; understanding how to begin. Sean asked one simple question that got me thinking and going. He said, “Who are you telling the story to?”
The “best” answer to a question about the “best” way to accomplish something is most likely another, specific question.
The coach, or the salesman, knows the different techniques (stoves). But you know your story (what you are going to cook)!
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The Moth Comes to the Summit and Micaela Too
Some of you may know (from this Newsletter) that there are several women (and a few men) that I have "fallen in love with" over the course of my storytelling journey. One of them is Micaela Blei, Director of Community and Education Programs for The Moth. Micaela presented at this year's NSN Summit.

I happened to be in the lobby when she arrived at the conference. As she passed by me, I said her name and "hello". She turned in a bit of amazement and I introduced myself as a storyteller and teacher. I told her that I showed the video of her story, "altered" to my students every semester.

She immediately put down her bag, faced me head on and said, "Great! I have a question for you. Are you going to tell in the slam? Do you think that story fits the theme of the slam?" I thought for a minute, then said, "What do you think? What's the story about?" Her body drooped a little in disappointment and said, "Yeah, I know. I have another story that will work." She excused herself to head to her room and drop her bags. As she walked away, I left her with, "I've had a crush on you for a long time."

She presented a great workshop on personal stories and we parted (I believe) as good friends and colleagues.

Here's the story that made me fall in love with her and her work.

Learn more about Micaela Blei (and watch more great stories) on here web page - The oregon Trail is hysterical!

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******************************* THERE'S A LOT GOING ON EACH MONTH ***************************

---------------------------------CALL TO MAKE SURE THE EVENT IS STILL ON

The Chatterbox Open Mic
Every Wednesday - 8:00 PM
Fair Trade Cafe
1020 N 1st Ave, Phoenix

Infuse Open Mic
Second Sunday of each month - Phoenix

FStorytellers - Female Story Tellers - Tucson
Usually sometime during the first week of the month - but check their website) at  7 pm - TUCSON

Odyssey Storytelling
First Thursday of each month (usually but check calendar) - TUCSON

Tucson Tellers of Tales - Storytellers Guild
First Saturday of each month (except July and August) - Tucson

West Side Story Tellers - Storytellers Guild
First Saturday of each month - GLENDALE *NO meetings in July & August

East Valley Tellers of Tales -Storytellers Guild
Second Saturday of each month - SCOTTSDALE - *NO meetings in July & August

Fourth Saturday of each month (usually - check calendar) - *NO meetings in June & July
SMCC Storytelling Institute
A monthly workshop designed to help storytellers build community and deepen repertoire.
See the Calendar

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