Monday - March 4, 2019
Issue # 356

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International storyteller and author Jim May will join local teller and author Mark Goldman for an All-day Workshop and Evening Concert on March 23rd in Phoenix, Arizona.

Morning Workshop participants will work with Jim and have an opportunity to examine their own life journeys in light of cultural influences, traditional stories, mythic symbols and archetypes. The juxtaposition of time for telling and listening to stories, reflecting, writing, sketching, discussing. provides a potential for powerful creative insight and artistic expression and output in virtually any medium.

In the afternoon session, Mark will work with participants to explore Jim's concepts more deeply. He will take Jim’s prompts, symbols and archetypes to the next level with tellers, by using action methods to help them "concretize" aspects of their own stories.

There will be early evening hors d'oeuvres and a concert by Jim and Mark. We may even have a few walk-in tellers!

More info to come. If you are interested, please E-mail mark at

10th Annual A to Z Blog Challenge

From the A to Z Blog Site
It all began with a post from Saturday March 27, 2010 when Arlee Bird set forth a challenge to all bloggers for the month of April.   Can you post every day except Sundays during this month?  And to up the bar, can you blog thematically from A to Z?
Most of the time if you subtract Sundays from April, you then have 26 days--one day for each letter of the alphabet.  When April 1st lands on a Sunday you begin on that day which will be the only Sunday you would post during that month's challenge. 
Using this premise, you would start beginning April First with a topic themed on something with the letterA, then on April second another topic with the letter B as the theme, and so on until you finish on April thirtieth with the theme based on the letter Z.  It doesn't even have to be a word--it can be a proper noun, the letter used as a symbol, or the letter itself.  The theme of the day is the letter scheduled for that day.
More info here
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This Week


Odyssey Storytelling in Tucson - Magical

Next Show:  Journeys (15th Anniversary)
Thursday, March 7th, 5:30pm
Sea of Glass Center for the Arts
330 E. 7th Street, Tucson AZ 85705 
Journeys: A long strange trip, venturing out and coming back again, leaping into the void, vacations, adventures and just plain life. Come celebrate Odyssey’s 15 year anniversary!
Curated by Penelope Starr and Adam Hostetter
For one night only, the price of tickets will be $15 in honor of our 15th anniversary. You may also pay more, in $15 increments, as a donation to Odyssey Storytelling. However, this is a much-appreciated suggestion, not a demand. If you show up on March 7th with the usual $10 for tickets, you will not be turned away at the door!
Be sure to show up early this month, because in honor of 15 years of local storytelling, a fundraiser featuring a silent auction, raffle, and other donation opportunities, will begin at 5:30pm. There will also be food available from the EnjoyaBowls food truck! 
Susan Woodward
Anne Baldwin
Bryan Lee
Robert Bell
Jim Lipson
Merrie Wolfie
2019 Dates and Themes
January 3 - Magical
February 7 - Red Hot
March 7 - Journeys
April 4 - Extra
May 2 - Heroes and Villains
June 6 - Dissent
July 11 - Fireworks
August 1 - Half-Baked
September 5 - Disaster
October 3 - Spirits
November 7 - Second Chances
December 5 - Chill
Would you like to be a storyteller for one of these themes?
Email us - stories@odysseystorytelling.com -  with your story idea and a brief bio!
Thank you for all that you do to keep our community connected.  We look forward to seeing you at the shows.  
Odyssey Storytelling:  
Creating Connections One Story at a Time 

Click here for details & info

East Valley Tellers of Tales

Saturday, March 9~ 10am - Noon
Scottsdale Public Library 
Civic Center Drive, Scottsdale
Downstairs in the Gold Room

Join us to celebrate storytelling successes!

East Valley Tellers of Tales is a Phoenix area guild of Storytellers and Storylisteners. A truly safe place to share your story! We are an affiliate of the National Storytelling Network. Come and find out what this means, and how it benefits you!

East Valley Tellers of Tales is a group that provides a safe place to hear and tell stories, to learn about stories and storytelling, and enjoy fellowship with others. We support the personal and professional development of members, preserve and promote storytelling, and provide information about storytelling opportunities and events

Each month, our goal is to tell stories, listen to stories and celebrate. Join us!

Lunch Note: After the meeting, many of us gather for lunch. We invite all attendees to join us at Randy's Restaurant, NW Corner of Hayden & Chapparal in the Safeway Center.
Click here for details & info

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Coming Up


Arizona Storytellers Project - Home
Monday - March 11th -
DC Ranch - Homestead Community Center, Scottsdale, AZ 

Home is where the heart is, or is it? Is home where you're born, or where you live? Join The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com for stories about finding a home, leaving home, and the meaning of home. 

Emcees: Lorraine Longhi, The Republic's Scottsdale reporter, and Catherine Reagor, The Republic's real-estate reporter. 
Featured Tellers:
Kathy Montgomery 
Molly Hottle
Bill Swartz 
Christina McNeil
Ranjani Venkatakrishnan
Click here for more info

The Moth - MAGIC
Thursday - March 14 , 8pm - 10pm
Crescent Ballroom - Doors open at 7


MAGIC: Prepare a five minute story about enchantment. An “abracadabra” in your life that rebuffs logical explanation.  The improbable, the impossible, the unbelievable come true—for better or worse. Great beauty, wild coincidence or a woman sawed in half before your very eyes!  Pick a card. Any card.
Put your name in the hat, ten tellers will be selected.

*Seating is not guaranteed and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before the show. Admission is not guaranteed for late arrivals. All sales final.

$15 - Advance purchase recommended (with fees, comes to $19.50)
More info & tickets

Storyline Slam - DARE
Friday - March 22 - 7:00 pm
Changing Hands - Phoenix

Theme: DARE

The lineup for The Storyline SLAM: TBA
At least two names will be drawn at the beginning of the show. 
TICKET (admits one) is $6 in advance, $8 at the door 
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Here's an oldie, but a goody, from 2012!

Julie Andrews said it best in the song, Do Re Mi, "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start... "

Once upon a time is certainly an acceptable beginning. Let's see if we can go beyond the utilitarian, though, to something that will grab your audience and make them want to know more. Here are some examples: 
There was only one thing that could keep Cassandra from going out that night.
     We want to know what that one thing is.
The world is a dangerous place, and wooing a young girl is just as perilous.
     We want to hear about the danger.
Sampson was a great warrior, but today was not a day for victory.
     We want to know what went wrong.
Ezmeralda was truly beautiful, but she was cursed from the day that she was born.
     We want to hear more about the curse.
Let the audience know a little about the story, just enough to tease them. Make them curious about the characters, or about what will happen. The thunder and lightning frightened Amelia, and she knew that danger would visit her before the night was over. Don't we all want to know more about what happened? What was the danger, and even more important, "How will she survive?"
What’s the best thing that could happen to your protagonist? Tell us what that would be, then tell us that it didn’t happen that way in the story. Then...tell us why in the story.
Or you might tease the audience with, "The end of this story will surprise you. But in order to be surprised, we must start at the beginning."
Remember, your goal is to set the scene, and make the audience want to hear more!
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Your're Invited!
Yes - You're invited to join Pam Faro and I next summer on our

Historical, Hysterical, Scotland, Ireland, England, Storytelling Tour!

This year we will spend 14 days on the ground, exploring Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Canterbury, Salisbury, Stonehenge and many more iconic sites.

We'll all tell stories as we travel through the countryside and meet the locals who will tell stories to us!

Don't miss this great Vacation/Education/Storyfication! May 11th - May 26th.
More about our trip here!

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******************************* THERE'S A LOT GOING ON EACH MONTH ***************************

---------------------------------CALL TO MAKE SURE THE EVENT IS STILL ON

The Chatterbox Open Mic
Every Wednesday - 8:00 PM
Fair Trade Cafe
1020 N 1st Ave, Phoenix

Infuse Open Mic
Second Sunday of each month - Phoenix

FStorytellers - Female Story Tellers - Tucson
Usually sometime during the first week of the month - but check their website) at  7 pm - TUCSON

Odyssey Storytelling
First Thursday
 of each month (usually but check calendar) - TUCSON

Tucson Tellers of Tales - Storytellers Guild
First Saturday of each month (except July and August) - Tucson

West Side Story Tellers - Storytellers Guild
First Saturday of each month - GLENDALE *NO meetings in July & August

East Valley Tellers of Tales -Storytellers Guild
Second Saturday of each month - SCOTTSDALE - *NO meetings in July & August

Fourth Saturday of each month (usually - check calendar) - *NO meetings in June & July
SMCC Storytelling Institute
A monthly workshop designed to help storytellers build community and deepen repertoire.
See the Calendar

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