Monday - November 13, 2017
Issue # 288

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Open Enrollment for Healthcare - Time Limit

You can enroll in or change 2018 Marketplace health insurance right now. The 2018 Open Enrollment Period runs from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017.

IMPORTANT: 2018 Open Enrollment Period is much shorter than in previous years

AND the Government is spending LESS on marketing & promotion!
It's important to act quickly. If you don't act by December 15, you can't get 2018 coverage unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Plans sold during Open Enrollment start January 1, 2018.

  • November 1, 2017: Open Enrollment started — first day to enroll, re-enroll, or change a 2018 insurance plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace
  • December 15, 2017: Last day to enroll in or change plans for 2018 coverage. After this date, you can enroll or change plans only if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

Why Not Give the Gift O' the Green?

It's almost Thanksgiving...and then... CHRISTMAS!

Here's a great gift for a good friend...or even YOURSELF!

This year, give the gift O' green. Join Pam Faro and Mark Goldman for the third annual Historical, Hysterical UK Storytelling Tour!

You'll laugh, you'll moan, you'll dance; tell stories, listen to stories, visit Ireland, Scotland and England; meet new people and hear the rich tales of people who grew up in a great culture of story!

The folks in the UK love stories. They'll tell you a story at the drop of a hat. And if need be, they will drop their own hat, just to regale you with a great tale, handed down through the ages, and told from the heart.

Imagine the delight of a loved one as they open your gift on Christmas Day and then again when they step onto the plane that will whisk them off to the magical, green UK for a full two weeks of the joy of story, history and fun in the UK!
Click here for the dates and all the details

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This Week


More Than Speaking - Workshop

Monday - November 13th - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
MyOffice Business Suites
14050 N 83rd Ave Suite 290, Peoria, AZ 85381

Mark your calendars for the afternoon of Monday, November14th (or Tuesday December 5th). Sean Buvala will be conducting another fantastic 3-hour workshop on More Than Speaking!

Take This Workshop and You Will be Able To:

  • Stop “Elevator-Speeching” and Actually Communicate,
  • Grow Your Business (Whatever it is),
  • Speak With Clarity,
  • Make Your Message First,
  • Create Compelling & Profitable Presentations,
  • Skyrocket Your Confidence,
  • Even Communicate Better with Your Family!

The fee is $97.
Sean packs so much in his workshops, and you always come away with a huge collection of skills and ideas!

Here's the link for the workshop

Monday Night Melodies

Monday - November 13 - 7:00 pm
Peoria Public Library

Monday Night Melodies bring story and song to kick off a week of Tellabration™ concerts on the west side of town.
Bob Gibney & Lon Austin (pictured)
Sponsored by West Side Storytellers


The Beaded Lizard Gathering

The Beaded Lizard Gathering
Wednesday - November 15th - 7:15pm - 8:15 pm
Life Center at The Beatitudes

The Beaded Lizard Gathering is a weekly musical event that happens at Beatitudes Campus. This week will be in honor of Tellabration™ and West Side Story Tellers will take the stage to tell stories from the heart of Arizona.

Coffee House Program at Glendale Public Library

Thursday - November 16th - 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Coffee House Program at Glendale Public Library 

Join West Side Story Tellers for a fun evening of stories short and tall. Featuring Lon Austin and Andy Hurlbut


AZ Storytellers Project - Food & Family

Thursday - 11/16/17 - 7:00 pm
The Farm at South Mountain

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, we celebrate the best of Arizona’s rich food culture. From tamale masters to artisanal food producers to family farmers and restauranteurs, join azcentral.com and The Arizona Republic as we share stories about the dishes that inspire us and the families that developed our palates. 
Emcee:  Megan Finnerty, founder of the Storytellers Project and Dominic Armato, food and dining critic for The Arizona Republic 
Featured tellers:
Weldon Johnson
Monica Castillo
Evan E. Roberts
Chef Samantha Saz
Jan Wichayanuparp
Sandra Scott
Tickets are $11 - Students with ID $5
Accessibility Note: If you require ASL Interpretation Services for this event or a future Storytellers event, or if you require accommodations related to mobility or seating, contact Megan Finnerty at megan.finnerty@arizonarepublic.com.


Storyscope - Story Circle

Friday - 11/17/17 at 7 PM - 9 PM
South Mountain Coimmunity College
SMCC Studio Theatre - PAC 725

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s your story about “home”? Join your neighbors and the Storyscope team – local facilitators devoted to the time-honored art of storytelling – to share your unique story and get to know more about others by bearing witness to their stories.
Story circles bring people together to explore a common theme in a spirit of equity and belonging. As each person takes a turn – sharing his or her unique lived experience and perspective – a larger, richer, more complex story emerges. Things we have in common, and real differences, can be brought to light. A story circle is a kaleidoscope of human experience – the colors and shapes we each contribute are intertwined; what’s reflected back to us is illuminating and ever-changing, with multiple dimensions, twists and turns.
- The event begins with welcoming remarks and an interpretation of the theme by a performing artist. 
- Next, the group breaks into small story circles. Facilitators guide the flow from one person to another, each sharing a personal story of three minutes or so.
- Then the entire group reconvenes for reflection and a poetic or musical epilogue.
After registering, you’ll receive story prompts and storytelling tips. No storytelling experience necessary.

Click here to RSVP

CANCELLED - Stories of Hospitality: From Good to Gasping

Saturday, November 18th - 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has, unfortunately, been cancelled.

Tellabration™ in Pine/Strawberry

The 2017 Tellabration, which brings the area’s most celebrated tellers of tales out to delight, captivate and mesmerize audiences with their stories, will be held at the Pine/Strawberry Community Center Cultural Hall.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the storytellers take to the stage at 7 p.m.; admission is $5 to the presentation. The stories will be suitable for those 10 and older.

All proceeds benefit the Senior Citizens Affairs Council (SCAF). Call 928-476-4633 for more information or visit here.

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Coming Up


Storyline Slam - Holidaze
The Storyline Slam - Holidaze
Friday - November 24th - 7:00 pm

Storytellers share six minute true stories based on a common theme. They are judged by the audience and the story with the most points at the end of the show receives a cash prize.
TICKET (admits one) is $6 in advance, $8 at the door from Changing Hands Phoenix.
Order at 602.274.0067 

AZ Storytellers Project - Food & Family
Monday - 11/27/17 - 7:00 pm
Crescent Ballroom

Join The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com for a very special night of young veterans telling stories about their lives before, during and after their service.
Emcees: Megan Finnerty, founder of the Storytellers Project, and Kyle Mitchell, U.S. Army veteran from the Navajo Nation.
Featured tellers:
Corey Harris 
Dennis Wagner
More TBA
Accessibility Note: If you require ASL Interpretation Services for this event or a future Storytellers event, or if you require accommodations related to mobility or seating, contact Megan Finnerty at megan.finnerty@arizonarepublic.com.

Info & Tickets

Tales of Fire and Ice: Myths, Legends, and Epics of Iceland
Saturday - December 2nd - 11:00 AM & Sunday @ 11:00AM
Musical Instrument Museum

Join teller Harriet Cole as she tells stories from the Icelandic tradition during "Experience Scandinavia" at the MIM.

NOTE! Harriet will be telling both Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 am

The $20 cost of admission includes the storytelling, as well as the wonders of the MIM there will be Folk Dancing, Folk Music, Nordic Jazz and more.

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Hot, Ooey-Gooey, Cheese That Stretches

I love to cook. I love stories. I'm a big fan of cooking shows on TV. What's that got to do with Storytelling - A lot!

If you watch any of the shows on the Food Network, you'll notice that there's always a STORY behind the dish, cooking style, recipe or other part of the program. We all know that stories are the best way to connect with people. On the "reality" show, The Next Food Network Star, the "mentors" & judges are always asking contestants, "Where's the story?" And those chefs that can successfully deliver a story, along with good cooking are, the ones that win!

In addition, they are always asked to describe the food with more than just, "It's yummy, wonderful, delicious, tasty, etc." Their descriptions have to be full of adjectives (descriptors) that paint a picture of the food and make the viewer want to try it or cook it. 

There's a new show on The Food Network: Guy's Big project. From cooking maven Guy Fieri and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. It's about finding the next Food Roadshow. One of the exercises for the contestants is to have them describe a dish. The winner last week was a gal who said, "If you like hot, ooey-gooey, cheese, that S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S, you'll love it!" She stretched the cheese way out with both hands to demonstrate. She was the front-runner for the day!

I've spoken about this before (click here). Don't just say, "They fell in love." Use colorful descriptors to paint the picture, like, "One look at her alabaster skin, and Cupid’s arrow struck his heart!" Find metaphors or similes that capture the underlying essence of what you want to say. Think in images. Think in "outrageous, over-the-top images. You may have to scale back a bit from the flowery, but start big. You can always cut back.

Watch some of these cooking shows to get a handle on stories, and descriptors!

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Celui Qui Tombe
Translation: The one who falls.

Do you ever feel like you are "running around in circles?" I think most of us do at some time or another. These people literally are! 

I discovered this on FB. I think it is utterly fascinating. I can't stop watching it. I wonder about the rehearsals; how long did it take to choreograph; did they get dizzy, etc.?

Storytellers: use this as inspiration for thinking outside the box, or as in this instance, thinking INSIDE the moving square!


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Infuse Open Mic
Second Sunday of each month - Phoenix

Pink Slip Open Mic
Every Monday at  8 pm - PHOENIX

Chatterbox Open Mic
Every Wednesday at  8 pm - PHOENIX

FStorytellers - Female Story Tellers - Tucson
Usually sometime during the first week of the month - but check their website) at  7 pm - TUCSON

Odyssey Storytelling
First Thursday of each month (usually but check calendar) - TUCSON

Tucson Tellers of Tales - Storytellers Guild
First Saturday of each month (except July and August) - Tucson

West Side Story Tellers - Storytellers Guild
First Saturday of each month - GLENDALE *NO meetings in July & August

East Valley Tellers of Tales -Storytellers Guild
Second Saturday of each month - SCOTTSDALE - *NO meetings in July & August

Fourth Saturday of each month (usually - check calendar) - *NO meetings in June & July
SMCC Storytelling Institute
A monthly workshop designed to help storytellers build community and deepen repertoire.
See the Calendar

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