Parkhurst Brothers

Ted Parkhurst, President



Submission Guidelines

Parkhurst Brothers is focused editorially on a limited number of subjects and types of books.  While we appreciate the literary endeavors of all writers, we are focused on serving a niche of the book-buying market, actually few niches.  We may be interested in:

  1. The kind of behavioral psychology that can help individuals, groups, and institutions respond to manipulative people and character-disturbed people in the home, the workplace, and in other environments.  We refer you to our books and products by George K. Simon, Ph.D., whose groundbreaking, utilitarian handbooks have become worldwide bestsellers because they help readers deal with manipulative spouses, character-deficient co-workers, and others whose social formation is such that they repeatedly hurt others.  We plan to expand this line of books and products very selectively with new materials that are helpful to the general population and to those who work in clinical settings.  We are committed to continuing to publish the work of Dr. Simon and will publish a very limited number of books by other authors for this niche.
  2. Books written by professional or traditional storytellers, by (or for) those who use stories in their work, and by (or for) those who teach others storytelling skills, story content, or the writing (or story-creating) skills that can be useful in teaching (at any and all levels), faith-based education (any and all traditions), training, motivating, or selling.  If your audience for this sort of book is teachers, librarians, others who use story in their work, or readers of stories, then we would like to hear from you.  We plan to publish from six to twelve titles per year in this category.
  3. Novels—generally what is called literary novels—especially those that address themes of how people treat others are of interest to us.  We publish novellas in addition to novels, but we do not publish collections of short stories (which do not fit in paragraph #2 above).  We do not publish what are known as genre novels: romances, mysteries, westerns, etc.  We look for remarkable characters, compelling plots, and elegant writing style.  We plan to publish from one to three novels per year.

  4. Social Issues, especially social justice issues.  We are interested in the themes of how people treat people, how character is formed and expressed, and how our public or quasi-public institutions relate to those issues.  We are very selective in this niche, publishing only one or two titles per year of this type.


  1. Do your research.  We will not consider any submissions that do not serve the market niches above.
  2. A query letter is always a good idea.  It may be emailed to or mailed to the address on our contact page.  Never send your original copy of anything.  We do not accept responsibility for anything sent without backup on your end.  Period.
  3. Book publishers—including this one—are not staffed at a level that allows customary immediate reply to submissions.  It is unrealistic to expect a reply in less than a month, sometimes two or three.  While we deeply appreciate your contacting us, our first priority is always to authors already under contract and to projects already in production or on the market.  Economic sustainability requires that focus.
  4. We do not give advice about submissions that we find unsuitable for our list (or that we simply do not have the resources to publish at any given time).  While we decline submissions, we never “reject” writers.  We respect all writers for undertaking a difficult task.  We cannot, however, survive if we do not honor our focus.
  5. A word about simultaneous submission:  If you choose to submit to more than one publisher at a time, kindly do each the favor of telling them in your query letter that you are doing so.

  6. If you believe that we are the best publisher for your work and you wish to offer us the exclusive right to consider your work first, then tell us so plainly in your query letter, and request a decision date that is at least four weeks from the first business day on which we are likely to receive your query.
  7. No mail returned.  We do not accept responsibility for return of anything received.  Our responsibility is solely to respond, and then only to those queries which we find to be addressed to one of our active areas of interest.  The response is usually limited to “Yes, we are interested in publishing, given certain edits or conditions;” or “No, we find other submissions better serve our niches at this time.”  Do not send anything of singular value (anything that is not a copy of your retained original). 
  8. Thank you for considering becoming our partner in this work, a labor of love.