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Ted Parkhurst, President



About Parkhurst Brothers, Inc., Publishers

Parkhurst Brothers is an entrepreneurial book and media publisher with two primary passions (the oral storytelling movement and novels), with tangential passions in other areas.  Among publishers today, our team has remarkable experience shaping and marketing materials conceived by storytellers—and material useful to anyone using stories in work, spiritual life, avocation, and fun.

Parkhurst Brothers booth at the American Library Association Conference 2013

We began in 2008 publishing public policy titles, then shifted to the present storytelling and novel emphasis in December 2011.  Whether you are the next Jackie Torrence or Gamble Rogers, a teacher or teaching librarian (and aren’t all librarians teachers?!), a faith worker, manager, or entertainer, Parkhurst Brothers titles will excite your own passions and help make you the best you can be.  If you are reading for pleasure, we’re developing exciting titles for you, too.

Parkhurst Brothers also publishes the work of George K. Simon, a groundbreaking psychologist of international repute, often called the world’s leading authority on manipulative people and how to live, work, and co-exist with them without losing your wits and self-esteem.  Dr. Simon’s books, audio, videos are all right here.  Dr. Simon and his wife Sherry are also authors of the patriotic anthem, America, My Home, found here.

Ted Parkhurst, our founding Brother, has published hundreds of storytelling resources and has served as chair of the National Storytelling Network board.  He has attended hundreds of storytelling events and maintains active friendships with many of the storytellers and event organizers who keep the storytelling movement vital.  Parkhurst Brothers Publishers is a supporting sponsor of NSN and a member of the American Library Association, two communities in which we find nourishment and which we recommend you also support. 

Other remarkable people without whom our work would be impossible are Wendell E Hall, Charlie Ross, Barbara and Bill Paddack, Sandie Williams, Shelly Culbertson, Christopher Kerr, Chip Mercer, Mark Goldman, and Patti Newhart. 

Attend and support your local, regional, and national storytelling events!