Monday - July 2, 2012
Issue # 10

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Miles to Go Before I Sleep

The NSN Conference is over. What a whirlwind four days! I come away with my head stuffed with new ideas, techniques; handouts, books and new appreciations for storytelling and tellers.

The Highlights:
An eye-opening workshop with Elizabeth Ellis (never knew she was so funny); afternoon intensive with Rona Leventhal about Beginnings, Middles and Endings; fun breakout with Judith Black on Leadership Stories and a quick-moving workshop with Noa Baum on Voice and Presence. Having breakfast with Kevin Kling; dinner with Elizabeth Ellis, Laura Packer and Diane Wolkstein and dinner with friends Ginny Cunningham and Michael Baefsky - whom I met two years ago at the L.A. conference and haven't seen them in since!

Slash Coleman and me (he actually has no mouth)I had fun telling at three different story swaps. It was quite nice to have folks stop me in the hallways between breakouts to give me kudos and appreciations for my tellings. I saw many old friends and made several new friends. I was surprised at how many people recognized me from Facebook. One person squinted and then said, "Oh yeah. You're on Facebook, you're very prolific!" When my name was picked from the hat at the All Regions Slam, I jumped for joy. Then when I stood on the stage before 300 of my peers and many "A List" tellers that I admire. . .I got a lump in my throat. It was a bit daunting.

There were very funny presentations by Kevin Kling and Bill Harley and an incredible final concert with Elizabeth Ellis, Jim May, Bill Harley, Kevin Kling, Charlotte Blake Alston, Bobby Norfolk, Laura Sims and a moving holocast story from Carol Birch. It was a power-packed end to a great conference.

On a very personal note, the best moment of the week was when Syd Lieberman (one of my favorite tellers) came up to me and told me how much he liked the ending to my "Kite" story at the slam. I could not have asked for a better gift!

I came away, as always, with a renewed sense of what storytelling can be, affirmations of my own abilities, and the knowledge that I still have, "miles to go before I sleep, miles to go, before I sleep."

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Coming Up


Two Weekend Workshops in Flagstaff - REGISTER NOW

Get to the cool high country for storytelling workshops! I will be conducting two weekend workshops in Flagstaff this summer. There are two different dates and options:

A RUSTIC weekend, July 27-28-29
A COMFY weekend, August 17-18-19.
Arrive on Friday afternoon, leave at noon on Sunday. TEN hours of storytelling and coaching, plenty of time to relax, enjoy, hike, bike or whatever in the cool pines of Flagstaff. 
ALL MEALS INCLUDED! - Limited to SEVEN participants! First-come-first-served. 
Registration and non-refundable deposit in advance are required. As always, I know times are tough, so I will accept payment plans. Just call me and we'll discuss it.
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Differentiating Character Voices

Last week I talked about using your body to physically get into the character to find a persona. Here's a down-and-dirty way to differentiate several characters in a story. Make a grid and assign numbers/levels for each character and each category. This way, you can see the relationship to each character. For example: Papa Bear might have the lowest pitch and slowest pace, Baby Bear, the highest and fastest pace.

Character Pitch  Speed
Goldilocks 5 5
Papa Bear 2 3
Mama Bear 7 6
Baby Bear 9 8


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Elizabeth Ellis

Here's a short clip of Elizabeth from a concert in 2010. Notice how she starts with one story, and then transitions to a different one. She uses the first one to set up the emotional underpinings of the second.
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Just a note folks, even if you can't go to these events, I highly recommend that you click on the links and check them out. It's always good to know what's going on in the storytelling world!

Odyssey Storytelling 
Thursday - July 5 - Tucson
The theme: The Customer is Always Right
Fluxx Studio and Gallery, 416 E. 9th St., Tucson

Talk Story Camp - Hawaii
July 20-22 - Honolulu
Jeff Gere, in Hawaii, has put together a very interesting weekend. If you love stories and love to camp out, this could be for you.
AZ Republic Live Storytelling
Friday, July 20 
Theme- Olympic Glory: Stories of going for the gold and the struggles, sacrifices and triumphs along the way.
Basketball court at the Gainey Village Health Club
Rustic Story Camp - Flagstaff
July 27-28-29

Weekend Storytelling Workshop in Flagstaff - with Mark Goldman

Sacred Storytelling Workshop for Pastors and Staff!
Monday, August 6,  5:00 PM - Tuesday, August 7,  at 5:00 PM 
Telling for the Story: An Intensive Seminar in Sacred Telling with Sean Buvala
Gangplank, Avondale, AZ

Comfy Story Retreat - Flagstaff
August 17-17-19

Weekend Storytelling Workshop in Flagstaff - with Mark Goldman

Executive Speaker Training
August 23-24
Master Storyteller, Coach and Trainer Sean Buvala is offering another Executive Speaker Training course. This two-day seminar covers a lot of ground!
Timpanogos Summer Storytelling Festival
Aug 30 - Sept 1 - Orem & Provo, UT
Bill Harley, Clare Murphy, Antonio Sacre, The Storycrafters, Dovie Thomason, Kim Weitkamp & more! 
Jonesborough Storytelling Festival
October 5, 6, 7 - Jonesborough, TN
This is their 40th year! Featuring dozens of international tellers.
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Got some news or information you would like to get out to the storytelling community?
Contact Mark Goldman -x602-390-3858x -


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